Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Goofing Off

Mom doesn't seem to be interested in doing anything very productive today, so we all spent some time outside for a little while. It's SUCH a nice day. Rusty was just daydreaming (he's pretty boring), but I was busy in the bushes keeping an eye on what the lizards were up to. They're sneaky.

I decided I'd better see what Mom was up to. Seemed as if Rusty was getting way too much attention! What about ME?

Isn't this fun? Aren't I cute?

We hope you're goofing off today too.




  1. Oh! Precious! I promise to do some goofin off when I get home from work!

  2. I was watching lizards today too. Cute post!

  3. I was goofing off chasing Anoles around with my camera. Raisin (my little poodle) was following to make sure they didnt attack.


  4. Ahhh! We are so glad to hear others are playing too.

  5. Hi Leslie! Thanks for stopping by Beelieve. I had to stop here and give your pups a pat! They are cuties!


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