Friday, May 15, 2009

Feathered Friends

This morning I spent a few moments with our backyard birds, who fill every hour of daylight with song. At first they were rather nervous to have me standing there, even though I wasn't really all that close, but eventually they realized I was not out to cause any harm. Lately we've had a few less common visitors (black-headed grosbeak & American goldfinch), but they were apparently too busy elsewhere to make an appearance this morning. We get countless hours of amusement watching all the characters who swirl around our feeders—and their chatter nicely masks the less pleasing sounds of suburbia.


  1. Really enjoyed watching your birds. The little goldfinches are colorful and the doves are so sweet.

  2. That is so neat, I don't get to many birds visiting. Those little goldfinches are cute.

  3. Beautiful! I wan to paint them Leslie!


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