Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Circus Cactus!

I am merely sharing a giggle. I was taking photos of some of the new cacti we planted along our front walkway on Sunday. I snapped a couple of this yellow blossom before it occurred to me that the large, funny-looking stigma was actually a little pumice stone! I had scattered what was left of the pumice that came with the cacti, and apparently this cactus caught one. What a nifty balancing act! Here's what it looked like after I gently removed the stone...


  1. You must have been surprised to discover the weird looking stigma was just a misplaced piece of pumice! It sure is a pretty blossom, almost looks like a flower within a flower.

  2. What a bright and pretty flower, The stigma is cool looking.

  3. It had a stigma-tism!!!
    Great shots. I have camera envy.

    Thanks for the sweet words to casey and his family ;)

  4. Hilarious - you're so right!


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