Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to Sadie

It's hard to believe, but our precious Sadie is 11 years old today! Seems like only yesterday she was chewing up socks and cunningly escaping out the front door. Alas, time flies. But she's still racing around the backyard like a crazed maniac and striking all those "aren't-I-cute?" poses to make sure our full attention is where it should be—on The Princess!—so it seems she's not planning on aging too fast.

So, Sadie, Happy Birthday and thank you for making us giggle every day.


  1. Happy Birthday, Sadie! What a good girl!

  2. Oh Happy Birthday! What a cute girl. Please visit my boys at
    I love dogs, they make us happy.

  3. Aww, what a sweet dog, she looks like a very happy gal. Thanks for sharing your photos and for popping by my blog. Have a good day. =)

  4. Outside In - thanks for sharing your distinguished-looking gentlemen. Nice to see dogs in happy homes.

  5. How old? She looks like a youngster, glad to hear she's still a tearaway, Happy Birthday Sadie!

  6. With that adorable face, she looks like a puppy. Happy Birthday to cute, lovable Sadie!


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