Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Desert in Bloom

Last week my husband and I spent a few days in the East Mojave desert. We wanted to do a bit of debris removal from a property we bought a couple years ago—taking advantage of the mild weather this time of year. A highlight on Friday was our first sighting of the Western Screech Owl that lives in a box the previous owners put on the outside of the cabin. He (or she?) sat and watched us through half-open eyes as we worked.

We also had an opportunity to wander a bit on Saturday afternoon. Just a couple miles outside Goffs, California, we discovered a lush area that obviously benefitted from the rains. It's always fun to see the desert so decorated this time of year.

You can click on the slideshow to open it full-screen (and click "slideshow" to auto-advance or simply click through the photos manually).


  1. Beautiful photos!! Great way to display them also.

  2. Thanks, Teri. I do like how this slideshow feature works. I'm always frustrated trying to decide which photo site/slideshow application I like best, but figure I should stick with Picasa since my blog is on Google. (I just dislike its captioning - not very aesthetically pleasing!)

  3. Lovely area! Great capture of the screech owl and blooming plants. The brittlebush is still my favorite.

  4. Great photography. Love what you are doing. I have spent a little time in the Sonoran Desert and loved it. So different than Wyoming. Though I make my living as an artist I use my photography a lot for research, thus my Outdoor Adventures blog so I really appreciate good photography


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