Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soft moss a downy pillow makes...

Soft moss a downy pillow makes, and green leaves spread a tent,
Where Faerie fold may rest and sleep until their night is spent.
The bluebird sings a lullaby, the firefly gives a light,
The twinkling stars are candles bright, Sleep, Faeries all, Good Night.

~ Elizabeth T. Dillingham, "A Faery Song"

Blind folk see the fairies.
Oh, better far than we,
Who miss the shining of their wings
Because our eyes are filled with things
We do not wish to see.
Deaf folk hear the fairies
However soft their song;
'Tis we who lose the honey sound
Amid the clamor all around
That beats the whole day long.

~ Rose Fyleman


  1. Beautiful fairie land....that moss looks so vibrant and lush.

  2. The images are magical and I love the poems too!

  3. Glad others are enjoying these tiny scenes as much as I did when I peered into them. Truly a magical miniature world.

  4. Great posts Leslie. makes one think of spring. Only 5 months away here in Wyoming.
    The poems are perfect for the posts.


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