Saturday, January 16, 2010


During the holidays we spent time with family in Mammoth Lakes. We enjoyed crisp blue-sky days with chilly but reasonable temperatures, and one partial day of snow flurries. On our day of departure, we headed out just before sunrise. As we dropped down into Round Valley outside Bishop, the view before us was even more breathtaking than usual. The snow-covered mountains were washed with the blue light of morning. We didn't have time to stop for photos, so I started shooting from the car. Snapping away at 70+ mph through a not-so-clean window, I never know what kind of blurry images I'm going to end up with, but this day proved to contain some magic. These are two I ended up with. Photos never quite fully capture your experience of a moment in time, but these certainly come close considering the circumstances. We ended our trip with one of those hush-inducing scenes that you happen upon only when you are least expecting it.

Mount Tom and Round Valley

Sierra crest outside Bishop

Sometimes I do get to places
just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.
~ Ansel Adams


  1. Really beautiful. We have had many happy moments in the Eastern Sierra, you really captured the essence.


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