Thursday, November 12, 2009

The End of the Line

The theme for this month's Picture This Photo Contest at Gardening Gone Wild is "The End of the Line."  I haven't participated recently, and wasn't planning to make the effort this time.  But often opportunities are handed to us when we're not expecting them.  Every day when I have walked the dogs this week, I have marveled at the delicate white roses blooming on the corner down the street.  We go for our walks in the late afternoon, just before dusk starts settling in, so there is a gentle light illuminating their white petals.  Yesterday I realized I had forgotten yet again to take my camera along, so when we got home I grabbed it and went back to the roses.  Up close they were even more beautiful, in all stages of growth.  There were a few at that oh-so-fragile point when their petals begin to wilt and droop before dropping off to the ground below:  the end of the line.  Rather than looking forlorn, this one had a dignified grace about it, a softening before the final fade.

So much has been said and sung of beautiful young girls,
why don't somebody wake up to the beauty of old women? 
~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

Psst.... I thought I would also share one at a younger stage, for comparison:


  1. That has to be the softest most delicate entry in this whole contest. Very beautiful, and as a woman past menopause I LOVE your quote from Ms. Stowe.

  2. Isn't that the best quote ever? I have always felt that older women are beautiful.

  3. So delicate, just beautiful....

  4. I can almost smell them. Success with the contest!
    These pictures are winners!

  5. Even though its the end of the line, your photo makes it soft and beautiful. good luck in the contest.

  6. Thanks for the "votes," ladies!

  7. Good luck in the photo contest. You have made a wonderful almost abstract feel to these roses. Something judges really seem to like.

  8. I think that's a quite beautiful photo. I forget how interesting and pretty roses can be when a little past their prime (much like women of a certain age??). ;-)

  9. These photos remind me of Van Morrison's song, "Moondance" when he talks about the
    'shine of your blush.'
    The older rose definately has something over the younger rose even if it's just time.
    You have the eye of an artist as well as the heart and soul ;)


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