Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ah... Autumn

I noticed the leaves in our neighborhood had started to turn, so I took my camera along when I walked the dogs late yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness our neighborhood planners were kind enough to include some trees and vines that change with the seasons; otherwise we might miss out on Autumn's wonders here in the suburbs in Southern California.

Are you finished yet, Mommy?

Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.
~ Elizabeth Lawrence


  1. Catch it while you can...fall just seems to fly by.
    Beautiful fall colors you captured...and the expression of you dog is just too cute.

  2. Ah what beautiful colors!
    Your gog is a sweetie!

  3. the leaves are bursting with colours! great captures, your dog must be a patient companion. ;)

  4. Thanks, everyone. And yes, Sadie is a sweetie. Normally not patient at all - taking photographs with dog leashes in one hand is always tricky at best. But this was toward the end of the walk, so everyone was a bit more accommodating.

  5. Love your leaves! Great shots on your blog. I am trying (weather permitting) to get some fall shots here in Illinois before I leave for Vegas. Sun isn't cooperating yet ... but tomorrow may be possible.
    Keep shooting and thanks for your tips and comments.
    NikonSniper Steve

  6. We have leaves turning here too, my favorite time of year! Love the photo of the Boston Ivy leaves!

  7. Look how you caputured fall.. so very pretty. The seasons are so fun to see through the eyes of others.

  8. You sure did capture the beauty of the season, Leslie!


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