Monday, June 15, 2009


I stumbled across a photo contest at Gardening Gone Wild. Since the subject is roses and I am always snapping photos of mine, I thought it would be fun to enter.

I took this photo just the other day. This is my Brandy rose, which I adopted years ago from a neighbor who couldn't take it with her when she moved. She wanted it to have a happy home, so I gladly accepted. It lives in a container and has made a couple moves with me. It never ceases to delight.

These two photos are of our French Perfume rose. My husband and I call this the "Grandma Rose" because we bought it in honor of his grandmother, who adored roses. We think of her often as we enjoy its heavenly scented blooms.

I'd rather have roses on my table
than diamonds on my neck.
~ Emma Goldman


  1. Beautiful photographs thanks for sharing them :)

  2. If it smells as beautiful as it looks you are so lucky.

  3. I can vouch for the French Perfume being aptly named.

  4. Gorgeous rose images. My favorite is the one in the middle. It looks so delicate. :)


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